Buying ARTX tokens in the ARTX Presale

Step 1:

Click the Buy Now button

Step 2:

Select the cryptocurrency you would like to use to make your purchase and enter the US Dollar amount you would like (minimum purchase - $100)

[Currencies Accepted: BTC, ETH, USDT ERC20, USDT TRC20, BNB, DOGE, SHIB, LTC]

Step 3:

Enter your email address (a valid email address is needed to send purchase confirmation and to allow access to the client’s cabinet)

Step 4:

Choose and confirm your password. The password will be used along with your email address to access the clients cabinet and track the progress of all orders.

Step 5:

Copy Wallet Address, Scan Payment QR Code or Connect Wallet

Step 6:

Make the payment using your chosen payment method